Frank Gilhooley - Actor Writer Director

Frank has been acting in TV and Movies since the late 90’s, and has been blessed to perform on some of the worlds biggest projects such as Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy, and Sony’s Outlander.

Frank Gilhooley - Outlander


TORIN, The Ringmaker. Angus & Rupert look to Torin, to make that special wedding ring for the romance that crossed 3 centuries.

Frank Gilhooley Gaurdians of the Galaxy

MARVEL's Gaurdians of the Galaxy

Kidnapping Gamora, Frank played an evil prisoner caged in The Kyln, according to Marvel the worst place to live in the entire galaxy.


Frank performed as John Maclean in The BBC’s River City recently, a difficult role involving the subject of incestual rape.

Frank Gilhooley Barman Rover City


Frank recently reprised his role as Mark The Barman in the classic BBC comedy STILL GAME

Frank Gilhooley Evil Look

Those eyes!

For obvious reasons, Frank has been sought over and over again to play evil and intimidating characters.

Frank Gilhooley Outlaw King

Outlaw King

One of the many wigs Frank tried for his role as Dickson, in the 2018 Blockbuster OUTLAW KING

Fran Gilhooley Acting